Collection: Commissions

I love working with clients to see if we can incorporate their ideas with my style of work.  Whether we are designing a new piece or you may have an old heirloom piece of jewellery that you no longer wear or it isn’t your style and you want it made into something new. I can melt down the metal and rework this into a ring/necklace/earrings and add precious or semi-precious stones so the piece becomes unique.


An example of how this works:


Email me with a brief outline and if you are repurposing old jewellery please  send a photo of the piece or pieces


We can set up a Zoom/Facetime to talk through ideas or you can come to my London workshop.


I can give you an approximate cost.  If agreed, I take 50% as a deposit.  (the remainder is paid on completion)


I start the design process with drawings, sizes, stones and email you images.


Please allow approximately 4-8 weeks for completion.  This may be finished earlier if you have a have a specific date in mind.